April 19, 2012


ONE!  I say that with a big hurrah and a little sniff sniff.  The first year is by far my
least favorite year but I'm learning to appreciate it more and more.
By the time I love it I'll be done having kids which seems to be getting closer and closer.
Am I really that old?  It seems like it will never end but it also seems way too soon to be over.
Anyways, this is my 3rd post today but who is counting - woot woot!!!
Just for the record - all I ever want is for a one year old to grab two big handfulls and shove it in their
 mouth..... it has yet to happen.  Not fair.  I wanted my own little one to do it soooooo BAD!!!!!
I think I need to have a practice round - too much work.

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