September 11, 2011


He has had this startled look since he was a newborn and I love it :)

Ordered seer sucker from NYC and made the cutest blanket ever - would you believe I've never used it? What the heck - too afraid I'll ruin it I guess.
Loving the bow tie I hot glued together a few hours ago,
because if you've ever tried to look for baby bow ties, not the easiest thing to find - plus I'm cheap.
his current favorite thing
I was a little frustrated when my attempt to get all three smiling didn't work out.  I got to my computer and
laughed my head off as I was editing these.  I'd rather have these than a perfect picture any day.
Just for fun from left to right:  My Husband, Me, Lawyer and Beckham.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? We all look like the same person?  I know!
All 5 of us have blue eyes - I get asked all the time where I got the name Azure B from - now you know!

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