May 29, 2011

Lawyer graduated from Preschool last week - isn't he just to die for?  I think so!  This picture will
be going out with his High School Graduation announcement and if you don't believe me, just check
back in 13 years :)  I also have a goal this year to take more pictures of my kids in our ever day life.  
When I look through my pictures the ones I love the most are of us at home 
(and if you ever want me to come to your home and do a photo shoot those are my favorite!!)  I love pictures
of them being their goofy selves, playing with toys, dressing up, just doing what they love to do
and creating memories that hopefully I can capture!  I get so burned out of taking pictures of other people
that sometimes I get lazy and don't want to take my own.  Here is one I snapped today, cracks me up!
When I get a spare minute I'll post a few of my new guy who is now 6 weeks old, bald fat and cute as ever!

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{We Are The Wade's} said...

LOVE the Spiderman{s}!! We have one at our house too!
This is Shea Wade! I cant wait to do our pictures!!