August 24, 2010


Remember my goal of doing a photo shoot with each of my Grandparents by the end of the year?  Well
 this is my Grandpa and to say he loves his Cabin is an understatement, he would live there if my
 Grandma let him.  So this weekend we went up with him and my cousin to help chop trees for firewood
 this winter.  My kids are obsessed with the Cabin and we love going there several times a year so I
 thought it would be the perfect setting for the photo shoot with my Grandpa.
My Grandpa chopped his index finger off when he was younger and has always pointed with his middle finger - that picture will always be a fun memory to have!

Only bad parents like us let their 4 1/2 year old operate a wood splitter
While I'm on the subject..... here he is last weekend at 83, thats right folks, I said EIGHTY THREE.  He never
 could drop that second ski and tried and tried again.  We told him most people his age are 6 feet under to
 make him feel better :)  He says he'll be back when he is 90 to try again, maybe then he'll barefoot like
 the old days.  I guess these pictures prove working out and eating healthy your whole life pay off, he
 still lifts weights 3 times a week and goes on walks or bike rides every day - what a cool dude. 

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