August 31, 2010


These are our BFF's and last week they moved  :(  sniff sniff.  Steph is a genious and good at everything
 she does if you can't already tell from her amazing style, also a rockin interior designer if you ever need
 one.  She wanted to capture the little memories from her house so these are just a few.  If you can't tell 
from my blog I LOVE to capture memories, not just take pictures, hence the over use of props :)  People
 always ask me ideas of what to do for their photo shoot and I think you should just do what you love or
 at a place where you have memories.  A perfect example - remember my fishing shoot with Eddie and
 Miles?  Miles and his dad love to fish and they do it quite often so I brought things that reminded me of
 two boys fishing and we ran with it.   Having props is a good way to capture candid moments - at least
 in my opinion - so when you call me and say "no props" just be prepared because I WILL bring them!!!

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